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Why Vita?

We at Idea Brahma, neatly packaged a World Class Clinic Management System and amazingly affordable to suit every Doctor’s pocket.
We have embraced the power of Cloud Computing with our Patented Technologies in bringing out Vita With Vbond Vita, You can :

  • Start experiencing the transformation of your practice to a Hitech Clinical practice instantly.
  • Enhance your revenues and patient retention with Vita’s innovative business model.
  • “Carry your clinic” with you using our intuitive Web and Mobile Interfaces.
  • Experience the specially designed “Doctor Friendly” User Interface to access all you in a Single Screen.
  • Buy Vita at a fractionalcost of any available professional Clinic Management Solutions and avail a New Business Avenue
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Carry your Clinic with you !

Vita has been designed for Clinical conditions such as India with challenges of Bandwidth, cost of migration etc

Zero Capital Investment

No need to invest on expensive Servers, Storage, maintenance etc. Vbond Vita is available at a fractional cost of any Clinic Management System

Supports any Device

Be it your faithful PC or a Laptop, ipad or a new generation device, Vbond Vita fits perfectly in all of them

Revenue Booster for Doctors, Clinics

Vbond Vita provides a simple mechanism to boost a Clinic’s revenue and branding.

Anytime, Anywhere Availability

Vita is powered by Google Health Cloud Infrastructure. You can virtually access your Clinic anytime anywhere

EMR. EHR for India

Vbond Vita is striving to provide a simple system to empower the 1.21 Billion population to register on the EMR, EHR

Doctor Friendly Interface

Specially designed interface for easy operation for Doctors. We believe in providing the simplest interfaces for doctors – thereby they can concentrate on the practice

Integrated Radiology

Integrated viewer for X-Rays, Scans, and Remote View of Patient Monitors

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